Anonymous asked: Yay! I like where this friendship is going

Yay! Now come off anon so I know who I’m befriending :)

Anonymous asked: Can we though?

Why ever not?

Anonymous asked: I love noney!


Anonymous asked: What do you daydream about?

Not much, I just like to sit and absorb stuff. I don’t really daydream tbh

Anonymous asked: What makes you happy in life?

I wish this was sarcastic, but noney.

Anonymous asked: Drunk from what?


Anonymous asked: That's not true, you have gorgeous eyes.

To match my pointless existence, maybe.

Anonymous asked: Care to elaborate?

Everyone else I know is special and has unique traits and is loved and I’m just hey

Anonymous asked: Why is that?

Because I’m just such a shit excuse of a friend and human being

Anonymous asked: How are you this evening?

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet :)

ask me questions

I’m drunk again :)

Anonymous asked: I really like a close friend of mine and have no idea how to tell them how I feel and I'm very socially awkward. Suggestions?

Perhaps write a letter? That way it’ll be sentimental, honest and they’ll find out how you feel without fear of social awkwardness? You can never go wrong with a letter :)


This guy wants to meet up with me before he goes off to uni,

But I’m almost certain he’s going to turn something into an arguement ffs

I should probably sober up before work oops